2014 Sessions

What are the sessions for EdCampOC 2014?
What makes an EdCamp unique is the session board is not created until the day of the conference. This allows the conference to be driven by the attendee interest and also allows it to be free flowing. Anyone is able to host a session. In the first hour of the conference, ALL attendees are invited to fill out a session idea form and place it on the session board.
What are EdCamp sessions like?
Sessions at EdCamp are very different from most conferences you may have attended in the past. In a traditional conference session, more often than not, the presenter stands in the front and delivers a well prepared (hopefully) lecture with a slide deck. Rather, Edcamp sessions are meant to be collaborative and more like a guided, Socratic dialogue  where anyone attending the session feels comfortable participating. The person hosting the session helps stimulate questions to keep the conversation going.
While we appreciate sponsorship and suppoert, we do not encourage companies to come lead sessions about their products. 
What if I don’t like the session I chose to attend?
One of the rules of the EdCamp movement (and any great conference) is to “vote with your feet.” At an EdCamp it is totally acceptable to leave a session and head over to a new one if you're not feeling the topic of the session or you've had your fill. Since this is part of the EdCamp culture, please do not be offended when someone leaves a session you are leading or participating in. They may just like “session hopping.”

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